Boston is an amazing city in USA, which flaunts a huge collection of traditional and westernized restaurants. Most of these bistros specialize in offering a unique collection of meal plans. Also, Boston is well known for its exotic organic and natural eateries. Anyone who wishes to change their food plans should definitely plan a visit to Boston.  Boston sushi will show them a glimpse of heaven and take them through a whole new food journey! Conversely, Seafood aficionados will fall in love with Boston’s special seafood sushi varieties. The foremost menu plan will undeniably change your attitude towards fishes! To be more precise, a recent survey showed that patrons who once hated seafood; fell in love with the watery creatures, after having a bite of seafood sushi.

The fascinating food festival

Also, the best sushi in Boston cannot be compared against any other dish in the country. The large city takes pride in conferring its visitors with sushi, which replicates the original varieties prepared and served in Japan. Moving on, you should try Boston’s raw and vegan sushi rolls. Every year the city has a grand food festival to showcase its huge variety of authentic Japanese sushi rolls. The amazing food festival is attended and witnessed by several A-list celebrities, who enjoy having the enthralling Japanese sushi.

A place that must be visited!

If you want an organic sushi with enriched health values, you should visit Boston’s Samurai.  Samurai is well known for its enthralling organic and all natural sushi varieties. The high quality sushi varieties in Samurai are void of additives. Moreover, the bistro’s seafood based sushi is famous for its Trans fat free nature. Accordingly, you can enjoy Samurai’s seafood sushi with a wide range of appetizers like sashimi, maki rolls and Nigiri. Samurai is certainly a Japanese restaurant, Boston would never miss!

Sushi lovers agree that sushi is a true delicacy. The combination of rice, vegetables and fish make the concoction even more relishing since the combination of foods satisfies all food groups. Its decadent taste and health benefits when consumed in the correct way are what make sushi so much in demand. Sushi is a healthy option because of the way in which it is prepared. Since the components of sushi are uncooked, there are no fatty additives in it. Since there are no fats or agents added to make sushi, it also retains its healthy components rather than being cooked out.

Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Sushi

Furthermore, the raw fish in sushi contains great amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in fighting heart diseases and lowering the level of cholesterol. Omega 3 fatty acids improve circulation too. Circulation seems insignificant, but circulation is an important part of diabetes. Even though there are some studies that can corroborate this evidence, doctors theorize that omega 3 fatty acids in sushi are advantageous to people suffering from diabetes and who has poor circulation. Omega 3 fatty acids improve artery function and reduce cardiovascular diseases. It also helps to prevent diseases and treat symptoms in depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia disorder, dementia in Alzheimer, and pain as well as joint stiffness associated with arthritis.

Beneficial Properties of Seaweed and Wasabi

Seaweed has every property of a super food. It contains a plethora of vitamins, minerals, riboflavin, calcium and iron. In order to reap the health benefits of having sushi without being concerned about parasites and bacteria, go for chef prepared sushi rather than store bought or readymade sushi. This is because sushi chefs have been trained professionally to handle and prepare sushi at the right temperature. Also, do not skip the wasabi while eating sushi. Antimicrobial properties in wasabi keep away unhealthy bacteria.

Sushi is probably the first food which comes to our mind when we think of Japanese cuisine. Now sushi is more or less a fast-food dish which has catered to the theater-goers as well as passers-by. Most of the people do not know that the sushi means vinegar rice and not raw fish. In fact, it is with raw seafood, cooked eel and fresh cucumbers and it has the vinegar sushi rice which we all like. If you are interested in the uncooked fish alone, do not worry - ask simply for sashimi.

More facts about sushi

Japanese sushi is so varied that it comes in different shapes as well as forms. An interesting factor is that, you do not see sushi in rolls like Maki often in a sushi restaurant in Japan as you would see in any Western sushi joints. Japan expects to have Nigiri sushi, which is a hand-formed rice chunk, with fish or vegetable toppings aong with wasabi seasoning and other toppings too. An interesting piece of information is that the Nigiri sushi has evolved from a well known street food where fish as well as rice were pressed down into the bamboo box.

Why make sushi at home?

Different types of sushi come in different prices. Overall, sushi is very expensive compared to other dishes. Today, you will have to pay a huge rate for a 3-star restaurant experience for 20 sushi pieces at any famous fine dining bars and restaurants in the world. So if you want to avoid spending so much money on your favorite sushi, prepare them on your own at home. You can get the recipe for your favorite sushi by surfing the internet. All that you need to do is follow the step by step instructions provided in the recipe. Surprise your dear ones with your new found talent.